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Welcome to Bhutan. The land of Thunder Dragon.
A piece of paradise on Earth. A dream destination. Bhutan is fast becoming a top global destination, thanks to its serene natural splendor, gorgeous landscapes, stunning snow-capped mountains, magnificent monasteries, and fortresses. temples and stupas, scenic countryside, green meadows with blossoming flowers and grazing yaks, rich and ancient but intact culture, and more of all the hospitable people, have truly helped Bhutan to become amongst the most favored travel destination.

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It’s only recently that tourism in Bhutan has opened its doors to the world. To preserve the culture and natural resources of Bhutan, the kingdom had kept its doors ajar for over a century till recently. The number of vacationers who could travel to Bhutan, this beautiful kingdom, was monitored closely by the then monarchical government. One can visit Bhutan nowadays and can experience the reason and necessity to have kept itself aloof from the world for this long and in turn make it such an exotic destination to visit in present times.

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one feels is the amalgamation of two very separate spheres, the traditional and the modern world; people of Bhutan are deeply religious but at the same time don’t shun away modern amenities. During your Bhutan travel, you will more than often come across maroon-robed lamas keying away on their laptops, the sacred Buddhist text, to be made available to all. Men and women surf the net on their 4G-enabled phones wearing traditional dress (traditional dress is compulsory for all Bhutanese to wear in public, offices, and on the job). The people of Bhutan take their religion and religious belief very seriously. One can easily realize this during their Bhutan trip by just looking around at numerous ancient and new monasteries, stupas, and temples dotting the Bhutanese landscape.

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Truly Bhutan that we have formulated offers you to see and explore the unspoiled beauty of nature. To tour Bhutan with us is to travel a land untouched by time, in a scintillating, delightful, and memorable way. We have designed several Bhutan travel, Cultural & trekking packages after making detailed research and personal experience. We have taken care while designing these Bhutan tours to include facilities looking at the needs and preferences of the international tourist traveling to Bhutan. This is to ensure that you have a memorable holiday in Bhutan. More of all our Bhutan travel packages cover all major and some less visited Bhutan destinations, also we suggest that you chat live with our consultant and get a custom made Bhutan tour & travel package designed as per your preferences.

Buddha Dordenma at Kuensel Phodrang
Buddha Dordernma, World’s biggest sitting Buddha in Bhutan.



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